Sunday, January 6, 2013

Another one bites the dust....

Quick review here on Yankee's Hazelnut Coffee Candle...  I bought this candle at the beginning of November during their Buy 2, Get 2 Holiday Open House promotion in-store.  This little baby has had VIP treatment and sat burning on my kitchen windowsill daily.  This is the 22 ounce jar candle in the old marbled wax.  As I have a small galley kitchen the throw was great and offered a sweet nutty coffee-shop aroma as the title suggests. As with most Yankee candles, I did not have the cleanest burn.  You can see some wax buildup around the mid-way point in picture 2.  HOWEVER, it was here that some wonderful oil pockets were reached and scent lit off like a firecracker.  I'm happy to say that I was able to burn this down to a quarter inch before the wick wouldn't light.  Even then beads of shiny oil just screamed to come out.  After throwing the jar in the freezer for 15 minutes, I popped out the rest, tossed the chunks in my 24 watt hot plate warmer and am enjoying another few hours of this delightful scent.

Verdict: Definitely a repurchase!


  1. Ahhhhhhhhhh, the old wax, how I long for thee....

    Do you use an Illumi-lid or anything? I didn't partake in the B2G2 sale this year...I've been overall disappointed with Yankee for some time. Maybe the trick is NOT buying votives, but getting the big jars. Problem is, I find that only vendors consistently make better products. Like Tiffany Candles: they can make a 2-wick jar candle with NO bad burns, NO residue, NO come Yankee and Slatkin can't get it right if a small, mom-and-pop business can?!

    *steps off soapbox*

    I do love Yankee, though. What are some of your fav. Yankee scents? Good to see you got a good result to the end! :)


  2. Hi Lauren! I'm not sure if it's exactly an illumi-lid, but I did have a jar shade on top. Would that make any difference? I'm not quite sure myself. It's so funny because I just recently got into wax. Somehow I came across a front porch haul on Youtube and it's sad to say but the "shiny objects" or more specifically, the packaging really sucked me in. Prior to then, Yankee and Village Candle had been the only ones I've ever considered buying. I think primarily it's due to brand name recognition and the ease of buying their product. Tiffany's is on my wish list! However, I have a handful more orders coming in from a few other vendors and want to melt through those first. My Yankee faves include: Harvest, Farmers Market, Beach Walk and Lavender Vanilla :)