Saturday, January 12, 2013

Vendors I Want To Try Tag

I was over on SoCalCandleGal's blog and noticed a tag going around. Thought I'd jump in the party-parade and share my wish list!  It was hard narrowing it down to just 5 but here we go:

1.) Candles From the Keeping Room (
Pastel Party Cake Wax Tarts

2.) The Bathing Garden (

Pirate Punch Wax Tart

3.) Tiffany Candles (

January S.O.T.M. Wintery Candy Apple (type)

4.) Streetman Candles (

Snap Sticks™
6.) Orchid Lake (

Handcrafted Beauty. Simple elegance.

Runner ups:

 Ten Digit Creations
 Cupcake Candles
 Beazy Tarts
 Dutch/Crabby Candles
 Lil Candle Store

I'm hoping to melt through some of my stash before placing any more orders though. I've seen a lot of reviews on Youtube about these vendors and can't wait to see what new scents come out as the seasons change.

Questions for you: Have you ever placed an order with Sampler Village? I noticed a lot of wax vendors have added their goodies into the monthly boxes. Also, does anyone know the shelf life for a tart?  I'd hate to get caught up in all of these hauls and not get to enjoy the wax to its fullest potential.

Have a great weekend!    


  1. I haven't tried Sampler Village. As for the shelf life of a tart, most stuff I've read says they last about a year although that varies. I also read somewhere that the paraffin ones like CFTKR last longer, a couple years. I haven't had tarts for that long yet so I don't really know if this is all true.

  2. Is Sampler Village new? I've been hearing lots about them lately, might warrant checking them out! It's always good to have more wax.... :)

    You've got a great list of vendors to try, CFTKR opens soon! Yay!!! :D

    Have a fabulous weekend! :)