Saturday, January 12, 2013

It's a TEASE!!!

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JANUARY 12TH and 59 degrees!!!! Go Buffalo - I'm sure there a ton of people who've pulled out their shorts and flip flops for the day.  It's nice to have the sunshine and green grass while it open, Christmas decorations being put away, kiddos riding bikes.  This temporary break in the season had me itchin' for a fresh scent to throw in the tea light burner.

Last spring, my friend's daughter was selling PartyLite for a pre-school fundraiser.  At that time I was not into wax and still had some old candles in the closet gathering dust.  You know, I've always been "ho-hum" about all of these parties you get invited to...Silpata, Pampered Chef, Home Interiors, etc... I kind of choke on the prices actually. However - you cannot say NO when a four year old is asking you for help. What has since remained are these three clam shells to the left. Even after a 9 month hiatus, these are still going strong on cold-sniff!

Bluer Skies is part of PartyLite's FRESHhome line which is marketed as "odor eliminating". In the catalog they didn't get much love and were hidden in a bottom corner. I am so glad I noticed them!

Although I cannot pick out the individual notes, Bluer Skies is a bright clean scent without being laundry, soapy, cologne-y, or grassy. The blend is so lovely and smells reminiscent of the fresh January spring air dusting away the lulls of winter.

Except, this little bugger doesn't like it.... 

So, what's in your warmer today?


  1. I've heard mixed reviews about PartyLite and their products! Is most of their stuff alright??

    I am melting Ollie's Soaps' Apple Iced Tea right's pure perfection. :)

    1. ooH I have heard great things about Ollie's! They are the vendor with the logo that is an apple head on the body of a dog, right? Have you purchased many of their products? Since this purchase above (which was around March/April 2012) I haven't bought anything else from PartyLite. I remember growing up my aunt always held parties and one of my friends has parties every few years; however, I was always off-put by the prices. What sticks in my mind about the wax is that it turns 100% all the way through and I've never had a problem in the past with uneven pooling.