Sunday, January 6, 2013

January 2013 - Julep Maven Box

In December I signed up for the Julep Maven program. The Maven program is a monthly subscription service where you are sent new and exclusive nail polish and hand/foot care products for $19.99.  I had caught a promotion circulating to receive an intro box for 1 penny! No strings attached, no additional shipping charges and you can cancel your service if you're not satisfied.  Needless to say, I thought that was a pretty awesome bargain since Julep polishes sell for $14 ea. at Sephora or on their website.  Since then, I ordered not only the intro box, but the New Year's Mystery Box (I'll explain in another post), and January's as well.

The website explains the program in more detail; however, when you first sign up to be a Maven you begin by taking their Style Quiz.  You could either be an "IT" girl, Boho Glam, Bombshell, or Classic with a Twist.

Here's my results, which is pretty spot on. (Doesn't that girl in the middle remind you of Blair Waldorf with longer hair?)

Classic with a Twist


This timeless, iconic look is marked by beautiful yet simple cuts and colors. You accent your neutral palette with carefully chosen textures, patterns and splashes of color. Whatever the trends, you're uninfluenced by short-lived fads and always remain confidently in style.

Now for the unboxing!

Each month they send you a few samples or extra goodies too.  Check out these neon hair ties! 

The two polish colors this month in the "Classic with a Twist Box" are: Madison (a bright neon pink creme) and Grace (a light baby pink sheer). If you look closely, you can see how they are shrink-wrapped in plastic to avoid accidental "spillage" (is this a word?)

Swatch sheet

and last 



I busted mine up the second time I used it. Look at this HOT MESS!  Anything which twists-up and has a cap that pulls up is a recipe for disaster. That aside, I've been using this for about a week now and I do enjoy the consistency it has.  Buffalo winters are pretty rough (as if I had to say that one!) and this formula is non-greasy, easy to apply to the hands, and has a faint citrus/clean scent.  For cuticles though, I prefer Julep's roller ball oil for a more precise application.

Regardless of the snafu above, I cannot wait to see what Julep has to offer for February!

Here is my referral link, so you can go check out the site, take the style profile quiz, and see if it's right for you:
Please enter code number: 6859237

Let me know what style profile you are: IT Girl, Bombshell, Boho Glam, or like me, Classic with a Twist?

What other subscription services do you belong to?

***FTC: I purchased these products with my own money and have formed my own opinions. I was not sponsored, nor am I affiliated with the company mentioned.  Should anyone make a purchase through my referral link and code above, I will earn extra points which could result in free products.

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